5 Male Sexual Problems for which You Need to Consult a Sexologist

With the changing times; and especially in the current scenario a lot of men have been going through a lot of male sexual problems. Most of them are caused due to excessive stress and unhealthy lifestyle which people follow. Also, these problems cause a lot of shame, confusion and mental toll on the patients head. Some common sexual disorders that men go through are Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count, Erectile Dysfunction, low sexual drive etc. Due to these problems sometimes, their relationships come to the verge of ending; as they are unable to please their partners well in beds.

Thus, if also have been suffering from any such male sexual problem. To which you need an instant solution. Check out the blog till the end, and you will get the answers you are looking for.

5 common male sexual problems men go through in their lives-

Some of the common sexual disorders which men can go through; in their lives is as follows. But the good news is that if they are found in time; they can be cured fully and make your conditions better.

1. Premature Ejaculation-

A common problem; which a lot of men go through their life times is PE. In this problem the men ejaculates much sooner than he wishes to. Maybe within a minute after the penetration; and hence he is not able to stay long in bed. Although the exact causes of PE are still unknown to the doctors; but generally some mental and physical issues can cause the problem.

If the problem is caused due to stress or anxiety; the doctors generally gives the patient some anti depressants or SSRI’s. Also, if the condition is due to some chronic physical problem. The doctor may solve that problem; to give you the desired health condition you want.

2. Low sperm count-

A low sperm count means that; when you ejaculate the semen. It has few number of sperms, than what the original semen should have. You have low sperm count if it is lower than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. A lot of medical conditions, infections and life style factors can cause the problem of low sperm count in men. Thus, the best way to get rid of the condition is to change your lifestyle and consult sexologist in Gurgaon. Some of the symptoms you may have if you go through low sperm count is as follows-

  1. You feel pain, lump or swelling in the pubic region.
  2. There is a reduce in the facial hairs, which shows hormonal abnormalities in body.
  3. Difficulty in sexual functions.

3. Erectile Dysfunction-

If you are not able to keep your erections for long in bed; then you suffer from the problem of ED. This problem generally affects the men who are over 40, or are older in age. If the causes of the problem are known in time; it is totally curable. However some of the causes of ED in men can be due to –

  1. The patient suffers from Nerves disorders.
  2. You have got a injury in penis area.
  3. There are some chronic illness in you like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  4. You go through stress, conflicts and anxiety of performance.
  5. Some unhealthy habits like smoking, having alcohol, and lack of exercise are followed by you.

4. Low Libido-

When this problem hits you, male sexual desires reduce. Also, this condition is generally due to low levels of testosterone in men. Testosterone helps in maintaining the sperm production, hair, sex drive, muscles and bones in men. It is also seen that low testosterone levels can lead to spoiled mood.

This condition can also be a outcome of anxiety, depression, problems in a relationship, etc. Also some physical medical issues like high blood pressure and liabilities can lead to low libido. Sometimes some medicines like anti depressants can also lead to the condition of Low libido in men.

5. Retrograde ejaculation-

In this problem, the semen of the man goes back to the bladder; and after the intercourse or masturbation no or very little semen is ejaculated. Also, if the person urinates after having sex, it looks very cloudy as the semen goes back to the bladder and mixes with urine.

There can be a lot of reasons which can lead to the condition of retrograde ejaculation. A surgery in the prostrate area, diabetes, injury in spinal chord or some medications can lead to the condition. Thus, what is causing the condition of retrograde ejaculation shows if the condition is temporary or permanent.

Solutions to the male sexual problem-

Some of the male sexual problems can be controlled and brought to normal extent by ; changing some daily habits. Like including a lot of proteins and vitamins in your diet. And practicing yoga and meditation for keeping the mind calm and peaceful can be helpful. Also, by staying away from alcohol and smoking can help a lot in male sexual problems.

Also, by seeing a sexologist; may prescribe you some specific medications; and treatments which can be helpful in getting you out of the condition.

Whom to consult for the male sexual problem-

If you want to consult the best doctor for getting an opinion about your ongoing male sexual problem; then you should definitely consult Dr. Chirag Bhandari. He is a famous sexologist who specializes in treating male sexual problems. With his wide knowledge and experience; he has been able to cure problems for a lot of people. He is also a fonder and director of Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, India.

Take Away-

A lot of people go through a lot of male sexual problems; because of different reasons. But these problems cause a lot of stress and confidence issues in the patient. Thus, if you are one of them who seeks a permanent solution to their on going problem; and also wants a pocket friendly treatment. Then contact IASH, Gurgaon today.

You can also book an online appointment with the center. However if you are looking for any other information about the center or about the doctors of IASH, India. You can check it out on their official website “IASH India“.

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