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Custom Link Shortener is a free web page optimization tool that helps you increase your web traffic and website visibility. Blink does it with style. It enables you to replace cumbersome, long Link in bio with short, easy-to-read links which help get more online clicks.

This free web page optimization tool has a very simple and powerful architecture. With it, you can easily and quickly increase the number of relevant, long-tailed keyword-related sites that appear on your website without any need for excessive optimization and advertising campaigns. Furthermore, with custom link shortener, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your keyword-based PPC campaigns, and easily view live performance over time with real time pixel tracking and reporting.

How Does It Work? – To use custom Biolink shortener, first you need to create a URL that consist of no more than five characters. The only characters allowed in a custom URL are; alpha-numeric characters, spaces, dots, quotation marks and quotes. The rest of the HTML tags must be styled using standard HTML coding rules. Then, you need to insert an HTML attribute called onclick within the body of the URL that contains the keyword or phrases that you want to shorten.

For example, if you’re targeting the brand “Aege International” then you would put “Aege” as the target audience’s keyword or phrase. An important element of custom link shortener is the onclick attribute value. This is crucial because it dictates what happens when the user clicks on your links. If your target audience clicks on your links, the onclick action attribute is triggered and a special HTML code is generated. It sends the targeted keyword or phrase to the special link page where the website owner can choose from a list of tld (targeted keyword/phrase) URLs that are linked to the selected URL.

On click, the targeted keyword/phrase is sent to the anchor text on the link. Anchor text is the hyperlinked text that appears in the web browser window as the link’s destination. Custom URL shorteners work great with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. These social networking sites allow users to share links using their keywords or phrases.

Nowadays, social media sites like Facebook and twitter have millions of users. However, most people these days make use of these social media sites for business purposes. Branding one’s business on these sites can create good exposure for the brand and can get it many prospective customers. In addition, the other benefits that come with these social media sites are that one can build up a network of contacts, friends, and fans which can be used as a source of backlinks for the branded links. The most popular social media websites that are commonly used by most people today are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To make the best use of these social media sites to gain maximum exposure for one’s business, one can utilize the custom domain name services offered by SEO hosting companies. There are several companies offering these services but only a few of them offer top quality services that meet your online business needs. SEO hosting company offers custom domain registration, custom URL shortening, free blogging service, domain parking, and free Google AdWords integration. These are just some of the services that are offered by an affordable SEO hosting provider.

Another important factor that must be considered when choosing a shortener is its speed and reliability. The fast speed is preferred because it is more effective and can produce fast results. Google and Yahoo has chosen pixel tracking as the fastest way to measure the link popularity. Google also has a special tracking scheme called “Anchors”. It enables Google to calculate the exact position of your website across the net, according to the anchor text used.


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