What makes Backyard Adventures Unique?

Backyard Adventures is the place to go for adventurous parents and children. The backyard has long been associated with recreation and relaxation, serving as a private patch of earth to escape to and a springboard for the imagination. To encourage children to build their own kingdoms in their own backyards. Kids and their families will rediscover the yard as a place for inspired play, using repurposed materials and existing outdoor features, with whimsical projects for every season and any setting, from forest to pavement. Making tiny gardens for action figures, weaving a secret hideaway out of twine and twigs, or lighting sidewalk cracks on fire, kids of all ages can turn their yards into a place they can call their own. 


When it comes to playtime, one size does not fit all. As a result, we offer a diverse selection of swing sets and playset series at a variety of price points. Backyard Adventures and Tree Frogs swingsets have hundreds of configuration options, a wide range of accessories, and truly unique safety features that no other playset has. Make your backyard the most exciting place in your children’s lives.

Backyard Adventures Swing set and Playsets 

Treehouse sets

Treehouse wooden swing sets are the most adaptable backyard swing sets on the market. They are built with the highest quality materials and designs and come with a limited lifetime warranty as standard. Treehouse playsets are designed for both parents and children to enjoy. Treehouse play structures can be combined to make multi-level forts suitable for children of all ages. There are five different slides, two high decks, four wooden roofs, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, and much more. I adore the spiral tubular slide, which appears to be a lot of fun for kids to slide down.

Raised Fort

Excuse the tax assessor for considering adding another structure to your property. The porch elevated fort and lower deck with picnic tables give this lovely wooden swing set the appearance of a lakeside cabin. With features like a rock wall to climb, monkey bars to climb, a 10-foot slide, a 2-person glider swing, and two belt swings, this swing set for ages 3-10 will keep your kids busy.

Peak playset

The peak playset range consists of a variety of high-quality playsets. What I like best about this collection is that the majority of the models have a peaked tent-like roof with yellow-green and blue color options.

Peak backyard playsets are modular in design and include our most popular features like rock walls and tire swivel swings as standard. Peak swing sets are of high quality and come with a warranty. Peak forts are designed to allow parents and children to play together on our largest play systems! Peak structures, with large tube slides and swings, are ideal for the tallest loft!

Castle clubhouse 

Aside from specialized models such as treehouses, pirate ships, and other one-of-a-kind designs, the vast majority of play-sets available to consumers today fall into one of two categories: Castle (angled base, tire swing, extra space) or Clubhouse (square base, picnic table/general store feature, and less deck space). Having industry-standard frames makes purchasing a swing set much easier for consumers like you and me because we can tell what kind of features will be suitable for each of the two models at a glance. For example, if I know I want a play general store as part of my swing set, I can immediately rule out purchasing a Castle model in favor of a Clubhouse. However, if I wanted a bridge feature, I’d have to pass on the Clubhouse.


The majority of playset manufacturers create highly modular products. They want to be able to sell any or all of their play features (which include slides, swings, wheels, climbing walls, and so on) with any of their models. As a result, they usually design two or three base plans with standardized attachment points and use those plans in various sizes for all of their products. This design process results in hundreds of different playsets that all look roughly the same, making it difficult to select the exact model you want. Fortunately for us, it’s more efficient to determine which base plan you want and then select from a much smaller set of models that have the specific features you require with that base. We’re also fortunate in that almost every swing set manufacturer describes their base models in a similar manner. 


The outlook range playset is designed for younger children, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of equipment to keep them entertained. The peak and treehouse sets are suitable for adults and children to climb, swing, and slide together, whereas the outlook range is a high-quality model with a 10-year warranty. What I like about the outlook range is that the structures have a much smaller footprint, so most designs take up less space in your garden, and the wooden outlook towers are beautifully crafted.

Outlook swing sets are high-quality, modular play systems for kids of all ages. Outlook backyard playsets can be customized to include a single fort or multiple play areas. Playground Equipment can help kids to make fun in the backyard. Playground equipment makes the backyard more adventurous and joyful. The all-new hybrid outlook features a lower playhouse as well as an exclusive tire swivel swing. All are covered by our ten-year limited warranty.



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