The size of diamond specifies its cost: True or myth

Diamonds are the dazzlers that dazzle the eyes of the receiver with emotions. They are valuable treasures for those gifted or if even it’s self gifted. Diamonds can be the preciousgift to celebrate your milestones.

It would be like a hard shell to crack if you are clueless about the factors that go on determining the cost of diamonds. To get the best within your budget feeling happy about your choice that you decided for then you need to know some of the facts. This precious gemstone of all have been surrounded  by lots of myths regarding, which all variables decides its value, whetherit’s, rarity,supply ,cut, polish, symmetry colour or size,so let’s take a tour of it  to be well versed with the subject.

RARITY- Are diamond really rare on which its cost depends on! As compared to other gemstones diamonds are more commonly available gemstone so they are not rare which rules out the myth that diamonds price does not depend on its rarity.

SUPPLY- Now what’s next! Does supply determines its cost? When we try to look into this factor the name that comes to our mind is DEE-BEER the colossal of diamond industry. The behemoth decides how much diamonds to release In the market and the retailers does not have any control over it. Dee-Beer controls the diamond market by enforcing strict rule which can be considered as a factor influencing its cost.

CUT-Now coming to the next variable to be considered which really affects its price, the finest cut diamonds are more in value. Princess cut diamonds as engagement rings London are mostly common and affordable.

POLISH- Diamond polish is the quality of its facet surface. The shine of a diamond is determined by the light reflected by these surfaces that act like mirrors. If they are not clear then they look dull. This factor does not have much influence on its cost.GIA grades the diamond according to its polish and accordingly their prices are fixed.

SYMMETRY- A known fact about diamond is that it never comes out of the ground with the same brilliance and shine what we get it from the store. Theyundergo different processes to come out as the final heart throbbing product which steals one heart when adorned. The price of the diamond product depends on their shapes too. This is because all the shapes vary in their percentage of wastage when in original form (rough diamond) during their process of shaping.

COLOUR-The diamonds are graded according to their colour by GIA and based upon these grading their prices are being labelled. For instance the red diamonds are the rarest ones and thus are expensive too.

SIZE- The most important criteria considered for tagging a diamond as expensive or cheap is its size. This is neither completely true nor a myth too. The size along with other factors determines the price of a diamond. forexample, a big size diamond with a dull colour or polish would definitely not be at the higher end so we can not completely support or deny the notion of size determines the price of a diamond.

.  The price of diamonds depends on the above mentioned true facts which can never be denied as these are the factors that determine the price, brilliance and dazzle of a diamond.

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