How to Prevent Your Garage From Storm and Tornado Damage

Strong weather, including severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, is probable in Illinois throughout the summer. When a tornado touched down in Naperville, destroying numerous houses, residents of DuPage County were reminded of the risks of summer storms. While it may not be possible to entirely prevent a tornado from inflicting damage to your house, you should be aware of certain precautions you can take to guarantee that your garage can survive severe winds and limit the possibility of catastrophic damage.


Taking the necessary precautions will help you avoid difficulties and the need for the garage, a regular danger to the structural stability of garage doors, so it’s a good idea to strengthen them before the next one arrives. You may also consult with your garage door specialists to choose a strong door that will withstand severe weather, and don’t hesitate to request garage door repairs when they are required. Continue reading for more information on decreasing the danger of storm damage to your garage.


Preventing Damage to Your Garage Door in a Storm


The greatest opening to your home is most likely your garage door. This makes it a significant weak spot, especially because garage doors are often lighter and less robust than a home’s surrounding walls and structure. This implies that when pressure is applied to a home, such as by strong winds and rain during a storm or by a tornado, the garage door is the most likely to break. When this happens, the home’s walls and roof may be impacted as well, and depending on the strength of the storm, they may be damaged or collapse completely.


To ensure that your garage is protected from inclement weather, check to see if your garage door has the correct wind pressure rating. This specifies the maximum wind speed that a door can endure. If your garage door is outdated or broken or worn down, you should think about replacing it with a modern, more durable garage door. Ideally, you should select a door made of sturdy materials that can withstand severe winds, rain, snow, and ice. You may also want to consider installing bracing to reinforce your garage during heavy storms when tornadoes are more likely to strike.


You should also think about replacing or reinforcing the inside door that connects your garage to the rest of your house. If your garage door fails, a sturdy interior door may assist prevent additional damage to your home by bracing against high winds and preventing rapid pressure changes in your home’s interior.


Install a Durable Garage Door


The first step in protecting your garage from bad weather is to make a purchase. Not only should you seek a door made of high-quality materials, but you should also think about the garage door’s wind resistance. Strong winds can cause unreinforced garage doors to buckle and fall off the track, resulting in an expensive garage door repair and, in some circumstances, property damage within your garage.


Make Contacts with Insurance Company 

You must notify your insurance carrier as soon as possible following the occurrence of the harm. Your insurance agent will almost certainly want pictures in order to assess the damage and process an insurance claim. The insurance company may opt to send someone to your home to assess the damage in person, but this is up to the business. It’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about the repair’s deductible. If the damage is minor, it may save you time and money to have a professional garage door repair business repair the door instead of involving your insurance company. Before making a decision, you may have a garage door expert inspect the damage and provide you with a quotation.

Repair Handle Quickly

If you put off calling a garage door repair business for too long, the situation will exacerbate. A garage door in poor condition will be more prone to storm damage than one in good shape. Call a professional to repair your garage door as soon as you discover a problem so you can be certain that it will withstand the storm.


Bring In Reinforcements


The last thing you want is for your garage door to break in the middle of a storm, yet not all garage doors can withstand high winds and rain on their own. If a storm is on the way, take the time to secure your front door from the elements. Reinforcing your door is an excellent method to decrease your chance of storm damage. You may construct your own reinforcements out of timber, but metal reinforcement kits are also available in stores. The more severe the storm, the more critical it is that reinforcements be used. Choose Metal Garages for long term investment. Metal garages are available in many colors, varieties, and combinations and are easily available in the market they were good for damage protection and they are more surable. 


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