Five Tips on How to Maintain Your Mannequin

The mannequin is a stylized and exaggerated version of a typical human, which is usually used to display clothing and other items at the mall and in the boutique. Often, they can help shoppers imagine the appearance of these items in real life and help to answer “Can I try it?” or “What will I look like wearing it?”

Mannequins can mainly be divided into two types: FRP mannequins and plastic mannequins, while PC mannequins are exclusively produced by Posh Concept. Having mannequins for your store is a necessary marketing tool, but it can be a huge investment at the same time. However, regular maintenance can guarantee the longevity of these mannequins and thereby reduce the cost in the long term. So, how to keep mannequins in tip-top shape, please keep in mind the following tips.

  • Always keep your hands clean before dressing your mannequin.

When it comes to designing the mannequin, especially a matte finish one, it is necessary to wash your hands first. Most of the marks and stains on the mannequin are made from hands that have not been properly cleaned. To avoid such unsightly stains, the best way is to wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Be careful when moving your mannequins.

Be careful if you have to disassemble the mannequins to move them. You’d better choose those flexible mannequins for easier assembly. If you often transfer the mannequin or change its clothing, durable PC mannequin is a good choice for you.

  • Don’t stick tape or double-sided velcro on your model.

If you apply tape or double-sided Velcro to your mannequin, you may peel off the paint when you remove it. If the clothes are not suitable for the mannequin, use a pin on the fabric instead of attaching the tape to it. It is also suggested to choose mannequin with durable surface.

  • Clean your mannequins regularly.

Generally, you need to clean your mannequin every few weeks to make it look clean and tidy. A damp cloth with mild soap or a very mild detergent is an ideal tool for you to polish the mannequin.

  • Pay attention to sun protection.

Don’t place the same mannequin for a long time in the display window if your store is on the kerbside. That’s because too much exposure to the sun, especially in hot climates, can cause discoloration. If possible, rotate the mannequin to avoid leaving it in the display window for too long.

Above are the tips about how to maintain mannequins. Keep in mind that the most ideal approach to prolong the service life of your mannequins is to take regular consideration of them! Besides the maintenance of mannequins, it is essential to choose high-quality mannequins at the outset. Among all the material of mannequins, which is the best?

sun protection

Currently, most shop owners choose PC mannequin because the material is more environmental-friendly and non-toxic than FRP mannequin. As an environmentalist, Posh Concept emphasizes a green and maintainable production process. Their PC mannequins use recyclable materials, which are unscented and non-dangerous, consistent with global environmental protection standard. Strong R & D experiences make Posh Concept the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly mannequins with a high level of automation.

1. High-quality and durable

Posh Concept adopts one-step blow trim and unique surface treatment to prevent the mannequin from paint loss, shading blurring, scratching and splitting issues.

2. Safe to use

50 years of experience and premarket testing enable Posh Concept to produce inflammable mannequins. Additionally, the weight is adjustable, for better customization experience.

3. Eco-friendly and recyclable

Posh Concept devotes itself to maintaining a green production process and a sustainable environment. Its mannequins are made from PC materials, which does no harm to the environment and can be recycled.


4. Transparent and fashion design

Transparent mannequin is specially designed for visual clothing designers. It can be put and processed as they want, giving a boundless creative space.

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