Eight Things to Consider When Renovating Your Clothing


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Renovating your clothing store is not an easy thing. Here, we will list 8 things you should be considered for your clothing store renovation:

1. Whether the font and size of the door are matched with the facade

The appearance of the facade basically determines your style while the choice of fonts basically determines the level of your store. So, it is important that the color of the door and the color of the facade is matched.

2. The checkout counter setting and specific location

Some shopkeepers may not think the checkout counter is necessary. In fact, the checkout counter is a must even in a small store. It is not simply a table that can be replaced. The color of the checkout counter should also be combined with the color of the storefront wall and the door. The position of the checkout counter should be placed at the corner. Or in the location where it does not occupy the display area. Besides, it must be close to the fitting room.

3. The fitting room settings and specific location

In terms of the color of the fitting room, it should be stand out while matching with the color of the store. In this way, customers can find the fitting room easily. The specific location is suggested to be close to the checkout counter where it does not occupy the display area.

4. The setting of the place for rest

Regardless of whether your resting place is two chairs, a sofas or coffee tables, having a smooth passage between the fitting room is important. And it is best to take up a small space for resting while making people feel comfortable. Putting a water dispenser and basic magazine or catalog with a recent promotional brochure are recommended. For potential customers waiting for their friends, they find something to spend their time. For the store owner, it is a way to attract potential customers and promote their brand.

5. Display props

Remember that the color of the selection should match the color style of the entire store. Display props are different according to different size of the store. The atmosphere of a big store should be simple and advanced, giving people a high-end feeling. The small store should have its own personality, making a feeling that although the store is small, there are lots of clothes to choose. Also, small store owners should make full use of all space.

6. Mannequins

Mannequin is an essential way to attract customers. It is not so attractive when we see the clothing on the hanger. When we see the clothing on mannequins, we mainly know what style of a store is. If the customers like your style, they will surely go to your store. Choosing a good mannequin is important too. Nowadays, people pay more attention to the details. If your mannequin is cheap and broken, they will think the clothes in your store are not worth it. There are many styles of mannequins in Posh Concept — a Chinese mannequin manufacturer dedicated to innovation and development of eco-mannequins. Its cooperation with Bonami enables it to create unique mannequins combining Chinese culture with European culture. I believe you will find the one that matches with your store most. To protect the environment, please don’t forget to choose PC mannequins which are non-toxic and recyclable.

7. Lighting arrangements

Lighting is indispensable. There are several kinds of lights used in the general storefront.

  1. A) white light
  2. B) warm light
  3. C) blue or other decorative colors

The white light should be placed on the top layer. The warm color should be on the second layer from top to bottom. After all, the warm color is mainly spotlight and the warm color will not affect the white light. For other decorative colors, it is best to put them on the bottom or the corners of the wall! As for the number of lights, one light per 1 or 2 meters is ok.

8. The color of the store and its appearance

The color basically shows your style. Generally, white, blue, yellow are not used in fashion stores. White is generally more formal, while yellow is generally for children’s clothing. And the fashion clothing store should use black, red, gray, bright white, silver and other colors that are more youthful and stylish. The main color of the store should not more than three! The most important thing is to have a certain connection with your business style!

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