4 Things to Consider When Choosing Cool-Coated Metal Roof Panels

What are cool-coated metal roof panels?

Cool coated steel roof, metals can be described as coated metal roofs that reflects the Sun’s energy so that it dissipates the heat. Cool roofs help in the reduction of the heat that is transferred into the building. It results in saving cooling cost energy from 7% to 15%. You must be shocked after learning the fact that cool metal roofing doesn’t have anything to do with the metal substrate. It depends upon the paint or coating system that is applied on the substrate during the process of manufacturing of the roof. The cold coated metal roofing contains solar effective pigments which plays a vital role.

When you decide to go for cool coated metal roofing system for your garage or warehouse, then you need to keep certain factors in mind which can help you in choosing the best roofing.

Factors – Why  we choosing cool coated metal roofing panels

  • Colors:

    The two cool coated colors that are available for the metal roofing are solar white and medium bronze. Both of them have different SRI values. If we talk about them differently, then solar white has SRI value of 82 and medium bronze has an SRI value of 31. In look wise, solar white will be noticeably cooler and will save more energy for an individual. And medium bronze offers savings over non cooling roofing but you can use it for small scale purposes. Go for the color that suits your purpose well. But still, solar white panels are considered as a better option.

  • Finishes:

    A particular and specific type of finish also plays an important role in to choosing the best cool coated roofing system for you. If you tend to go for high gloss finish for your roofing system, then it will have a higher solar reflectance and on the other hand, low gloss or matte finish will have lesser solar reflectance. Therefore, go for the one that suits your needs and requirements.

  • Varying environment:

    You must be amazed after hearing the fact that the cool coated metal roofing it is considered best in all the types of environments. But some of the areas can experience a significant percentage of cost Savings and others. If we talk about it in specific terms, then cool coating systems would offer more savings on energy costs in the hotter climates than in the colder climates. This is because the metal panels reflect and emit more heat in these kinds of environments. If you have an area on the hotter place, then it is always an advantage as cool coated metal roofing systems offer cost energy cost savings in the hotter climates.

  • Roofing pitch or slope:

    As described and mentioned above, the roofing slope plays an important role into the compliance requirements for both the energy star and LED. If you go for low slope roofs, then the sun would face more consistently, and steep slope roof wouldn’t phase extended period because they are a flatter. This is the reason to why reflectance and SRI values must be higher so that it easily withstands the longer duration of heat from the sun. You must always consider going for low slope roofs. Always pay attention to the kind of roof you wish to have for the building or structure.

Cool coated metal roofing systems continue to gain prominence as more sustainable and cost saving building materials are used on the commercial, residential, or agricultural properties. The reason why cool roofing systems are considered best for garages or commercial use are:

  • These are high in solar reflectance
  • These have great emissivity
  • These have great SRI values
  • These are considered helpful in in pushing the utility cost savings on the property
  • It is considered helpful in reducing the urban heat effect
  • It reduces the overall energy consumption
  • These are cost effective and easy to specify

After over 20 to 25 years of manufacturing cool coated metal roofs and roofing projects, now everyone knows the importance of Sustainable cool metal roofing options. Suppose you live in a triad area like Greensboro, Winston Salem, and a highpoint location. There are so many climate changes occurrences like storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowfall. People are facing lots of damage issues with their home roofing.

Metal roofing is the best roofing material for the triad area. Most of the roofing contractors offer top-quality metal roofing services in your local area. You can call any local roof installer for immediate action on your roof damages.  Whether it’s for commercial or personal use, it is always recommended to install metal roofing systems so that it meets energy start and LED compliance and offers energy-efficient solutions. Before you go to choose any of the gold coated metal roofing systems for the commercial use or private use, it is always important that you pay attention to the above-mentioned factors so that you end up in choosing the best roofing system for the place.

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