Three Types of Security Guards You Should Choose for Your Business

Security Guards

In contrast, security guards are private police. Private citizens or businesses often hire them to protect their property, business, or individuals. An officer who is uniformed helps deter criminal behavior. In addition to patrolling the property, they investigate suspicious behavior of employees and civilians. Also, security guards look for hazards on the property that must be addressed, such as leaks that can lead to slips and falls. The business, property, people, and all the property assets are under their control. All security guards are different; nevertheless, they are not all the same.

You can hire a variety of security guards in order to protect your business.

Here are three types of security guards you can hire.

Uniformed Security Guards

The most common type of security guard San Diego you will hire is uniformed. They are most often identified by their uniforms, or they may wear shirts that have the word “security”. Security guards may be armed or not, depending on how much protection they have been authorized to provide. Security guards protect their property generally by wandering around checking for hazards or suspicious activity. As well as flashlights and walkie talkies, they may hold some type of technology.

A patrol car may be available for inspection of a property. There may also be another type of security desk that regularly checks surveillance cameras. In order to defend themselves or others, some security officers may be trained in martial arts or a level of hand-to-hand combat.

Plain Clothes Security Guards

If you are looking for a security guard on the premises, you may consider hiring a plainclothes guard. They blend in with the general surroundings while catching criminals without appearing to be guards. Guards wearing plainclothes patrol on foot often doing mundane things that make them appear as ordinary citizens. People act as though they are involved in certain activities to get close to a suspect to observe whether or not they are engaged in suspicious behavior.

In order to catch a shoplifter, for instance, a plainclothes guard may pretend to be shopping. Also, they may act as a guest at a bar or nightclub to observe unsanitary behavior. We call these types of plainclothes security guards bouncers. Though plainclothes guards may be checking for criminal behavior, they are mostly concerned with preventing theft. Shopping malls, department stores, concerts, and other places where it is convenient to remain undercover are frequently seen with these security guards.

Temporary Security Guards

A temporary security guard is another security guard you might consider hiring. Security guards can be hired for a number of reasons, but in most cases, they are hired to guard events, celebrities or high-profile people. However, this isn’t the only reason they are hired. The reason some people hire them is because they don’t want to pay for long-term security. Therefore, they hire these guards to guard their properties on days or times of the year when they and their properties are more vulnerable to criminal activity such as thefts.

Security guards are available in many different types. Consider your reasons for hiring a guard in your situation. Is it necessary to make sure your property is properly maintained? Who is available to work undercover? Or are you looking for someone to protect you at a high-profile event? Once you decide what you need a security officer for, you are well on your way to hiring the correct person for the job.

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