Most Common Reasons Mice Keep Coming Back to Your Home

Mice Keep

In a pet shop mice can seem cute, almost adorable. You’re not alone if your think this, as many people purchase mice as pets. However, it’s a different story when you find a wild mouse in your home. Your first instinct will probably be to call the exterminators and this is a good move.

When you see one mouse, there is likely to be a lot more.

The most effective way to eliminate mice is with expert help. You can check them out here and let the professionals remove the problem for you. They will also help advise you regarding how the mice got in and what you can do about it.

The main reason mice keep coming back to your home is that you’re offering them something they need. By understanding what that is you can eliminate the reasons for them to come back and protect your home against invasion.

Keeping them away will also reduce the likelihood of them giving you a dangerous disease.


Mice, like most other pests, need food to survive. If you’re taking your time washing dirty dishes and wiping down your counters, you’re effectively leaving food waste around. This will attract them.

In addition, open packets of food will be very enticing to mice. That’s why you should always place open packets in sealed containers. If mice can’t smell or access food they will move on.


Alongside food, mice need water to survive. You may have a water leak that you don’t know about. It’s best to check your water meter periodically by taking two meter readings, roughly two hours apart and not using water between them. The readings should be the same, if they’ve changed you have a leak and it needs to be found and stopped.

You also need to consider water bowls, especially those you leave down for your pets. These are highly attractive to mice and other pests.

Easy Hiding Spots

The third thing that every mouse needs is somewhere to hide and shelter from the elements. While they are very good at finding places to hide and it’s almost impossible to remove every potential hiding spot, you can reduce them.

In short, look for clutter around your home and get rid of it. Anything that just sits still becomes a potential hiding spot. Consider that when cleaning up.

Easy Access

No matter how attractive your home, mice still need a way in. They can get through very small gaps. In fact, mice can fit through a hole about the same size as a pencil! In other words, you need to take a look around your house, ideally the exterior, and find all the gaps and cracks where pests can enter. Seal them all to prevent these pests from getting into your home.

Doing the above will help to keep mice from coming back to your home. But, you also need regular pest inspections by yourself and the professionals. In addition, stay alert for signs of mice activity and take prompt action if you see any.

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