How to Start a Travel and Tourism Business Setup in Dubai

When many people think of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, they think of tourist attractions – from the most modern hotels, beautiful blue waters to the world’s leading shopping malls and historic old towns. There is something to see and do and it’s no wonder thousands of tourists flock to the Emirates every year. Therefore, travel and tourism is an industry that is always at the forefront. And with the UAE moving forward now, with the pandemic seemingly under control and the huge surge expected from the delayed Expo 2020 (now slated for October this year), it couldn’t be better to start a travel and tourism business setup in Dubai. Since the question of how to start a travel agency business comes up so frequently, this article will walk you through everything you need to know including the prime prices of a travel agent license in Dubai.

The Activities under Dubai Tourism License

When we talk about how to start a tourism and travel business in Dubai, UAE, the first thing that comes to mind is the various activities that you can do under a tourism license. It’s a good idea to talk to a business expert to make sure you comply, but in general, here are some activities you can do:

  • Sell transportation tickets, including land, air, sea, and car rental
  • Sell travel insurance
  • Selling all kinds of travel packages including accommodation
  • Assistance with visa related services

Simple Steps to Get a Tourism License in Dubai

There are several steps to get a Dubai tourism license for a tourism business setup in UAE. Let’s break this down:

Make a Decision on Choosing Mainland or Free Zone License

The first decision you need to make is whether setting up a free zone or a mainland area is better for your business. With a mainland business setup, you can trade on the UAE market and bid on government contracts. Alternatively, you can go to the free zone – with a 0% tax rate, no currency restrictions, full exemption from customs tax, 100% repatriation of profits, and many other advantages. While your free zone company cannot trade the UAE market directly, there are exploration options that will allow you to do so in the future. Since this is a very important solution, a business expert can advise you on the best option.

Decide Your Business Activity

There are different categories of tourism permits and it is important to ensure that the activity you choose is the same as the business you are doing. So that everything here is clear and compatible, it is worth using the services of specialists for setting up a company.

Choose a Business Company Name

The UAE is quite strict when it comes to naming companies so it is important to know the regulations. You should avoid any language that could be considered offensive or blasphemous. You should avoid any name that already belongs to a well-known organization. When naming your business after your name, be careful not to abbreviate your name. So, choose a professional business setup in Dubai Company. Of course, you also need to make sure that your chosen company name is still available for registration.

Prepare Your Business License Application

When everything is ready, it’s time to apply.

Cost of Travel and Tourism Agency License

The price of a travel agent license depends on the size of your company, the specific business activities you wish to pursue, etc. In total, about 20,000 dirhams are considered the starting price. As always, contact a professional business setup company for up-to-date pricing information and make sure you get a custom price for your travel agency license that truly meets your needs.

Documents Required for Tourism and Travel Agency License in Dubai

The required documents are:

  • Completed application form
  • A copy of the passport of the proposed owner or owner
  • 2 passport-sized color photographs

Other specific documentation may be required and a business expert can work with you to ensure that you have everything in place before submitting your application to avoid delays in processing.

Work with a Professional Business Setup Service Company

These are the main points to consider when starting a travel and tourism company in Dubai, UAE. And now it’s time to work with a specialist to make sure your new business runs smoothly. If you’re looking to start a travel company, rest assured a professional company will keep you updated from the people who do it every day.

While the business setup in Dubai process can be a bit stressful, you can act on it right away by working with a business expert. This is the fastest way to set up in the UAE, which means we can handle all the details and make sure your app is error-free. Professional business consultants can also help you open a corporate bank account and provide important advice on the type of financial institution that best suits your needs.

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