How to get sleeves packaging at an affordable price?

You can pack your products using wrapping sleeves and spend less than you do on a custom box. We know that packaging is an essential step to selling a product. But that doesn’t mean you spend all your investment on it.

If you are not familiar with what sleeves packaging is, then here is quick info. A packaging sleeve, aka belly band, is a piece of paper used to wrap around your product without putting too much effort into creating custom packaging.

However, sleeve packaging works like a printed box but without ends. You can easily customize it as you customize custom packaging. You can make them attractive by printing, coloring, or even putting necessary information about your product.

In the market of custom packaging, sleeve packaging is the most affordable option yet doesn’t compromise quality as well.

Importance of sleeves packaging:

Usually, the paper printed on a custom box is the same as the printing paper used on sleeve packaging boxes. It means that you don’t need to worry about its sturdiness. They are more known as standalone alone packaging.


Sleeves boxes are the best option if your company has a limited budget. You can buy cheap boxes and create product branding easily. However, in custom boxes case, which is more costly and requires more expensive to make them attractive.

If you start in the business market, then you should make every dollar wisely.

Professional look:

In the early phases of your company, you can either buy a blank box or a traditional box that fits your items. Even a sliding sleeve over a printed product will make it look like a printed custom box.

Cheap printing:

Less paper means less printing cost. Printing a sleeve packaging is cheaper than those of 4 sided boxes. Sleeve packaging will not consume more than one paper during the printing process, and it is ultimately the opposite in custom boxes.

Made for every product:

You can pack any product using custom sleeve boxes. The fact that these boxes can wrap around any item. It doesn’t require any specific industry where this packaging can use. While using these boxes, you are not limited to any industry. From food products to the cosmetics industry, you can use these boxes freely.

Unique benefits:

One of the premium features of using sleeve packaging is that there are no seasonal limitations of selling your product, or you can easily recycle them at the end compared to custom boxes. Here is an example, you want to make your specific product a featured item, you can wrap a sleeve packaging around your particular product to make it sell even faster.

Easy packing:

Packaging products in the sleeves is a piece of cake. First, you need to slide the box over the desired product, and boom, your product is ready to roll on the rack. It saves maximum time spent on packing products.

Attracts customers:

Sleeve packaging boxes offer some unique benefits with printings. As a result, it plays an essential role in stealing customers’ attention. However, you can do it by adding some elements to your custom boxes to make them look luxurious in front of your customer’s packaging.

A unique approach to customer’s mind:

Everyone uses their way of attracting customers. Some do it with colors, and some do it with printing and some with windows boxes. But our goal is to approach the customer’s mind. You can get customer attention by focusing on how you can make your first impression appealing.

Use an attractive color scheme:

Sometimes crazy ideas have their perks. So, make your sleeve packaging appearance special by using bright color schemes. It is no doubt that colors have a direct impact on customers’ minds. It helps them to make their decision faster.

Best for breakable products:

If your business consists of breakable, aka fragile items, then choosing sleeve boxes is not a bad idea as these boxes are easy to open and break. It won’t harm while the customer is unboxing the product. A Sharp knife or even a finger can easily open the package.

Protect your product:

I know that the box only consists of 2 parts, the: their par tower parts. The upper paper is like a lid to the product that protects it, and the second one is to keep the product in its position and fixed. You can also use the display feature to make your product more visible.

Window boxes:

Who says that you can’t use the die-cut technique on a sleeve box? Yes, you can, even if it is easier to set up and uses less material. Using windows boxes signifies that you are not afraid to showcase your product even if the customer hasn’t purchased it.

Where to buy:

Many wholesale companies are working hard to offer what your brand needs. Sleeve boxes are rare as compared to custom packaging. But nothing is impossible. You can contact them via their websites or by searching on search engines.

Wrapping up:

There is no doubt that using custom sleeve packaging is beneficial for your business. But keep in mind that this paper box is not meant for shipping purposes. It would be best to have full-sided product packaging as they are the best source of transporting goods from one state to another. So enough talk about sleeve boxes and how it is done.


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