Different Types of Roof Styles

Metal structures may be modified for both practical and aesthetic reasons; they are a popular choice. Others require a bit more convincing. We’ve put up this helpful guide on how to choose between regular and A-frame metal roofs.

Different Types of Roof Styles

Be aware of the fact that the process of building metal structures is a costly one. This metal structure is worthless if it cannot withstand the weather or provide the necessary protection for your vehicles and RVs, as well as for your barn, workshop, or storage space.

For your Prefab metal buildings or carport to endure the impacts of the weather and safeguard your property at all times, it must have a good roof structure in place.

The Regular Metal Building Roof

As a result of its familiarity and compatibility with most properties, the Regular Roof carports is a popular choice. But the steel quality and strength are unmatched by any of our other options. Because of its curvature, it’s more durable than boxed-eave and frame roof versions. Regular roofs doom from the start because of their design and engineering. A lack of natural gravity is caused by the steel panels being oriented front to back instead of left to right. 

As a result, there may be a build-up. There are no gutters on our metal structures, so that leaves will fall to the ground. However, they may not arrive as fast, or in the exact location you had hoped for them too. 

Vertical Metal Building Roof

As one of our premium alternatives, the Vertical Metal Building Roof is an excellent choice. Because the steel panels are orientated from side to side, a hat channel is required. So that they may fasten to anything, the hat channel is a piece of steel attached to the panels. 

Vertical Metal Buildings are the most expensive alternative for metal building roofs because of their unique design and materials. The steep roofs are the strongest of the three, but every structure from Elephant Structures may be certified, as indicated before in this article. It is also our most popular choice in terms of aesthetics, although many clients have alternative preferences.

Boxed-Eave Metal Building Roof

In the image above, the boxed-eave metal roof building has entrances on the side. Despite this, the panels are oriented from front to back, much like the Regular roof. All of the roof’s roof angles are straight, with no bends. The A-frame roof, on the other hand, needs more precise steel cutting. The Boxed-Eave adds a small amount to the price, but the quality design and required extra labor make up for the slight price increase. Your preference will determine whether or not you choose the Boxed-Eave roof over the Regular top. Both buildings erect according to local building regulations and loadings for the same wind speed certification.

Which Can be the Best Roof Style?

Vertical roof carports provide more steel framework than regular and boxed eave roofs, with a hat channel spanning the length of the roof’s bottom. Additionally, these cap channels offer additional support for the panels and strengthen their construction.

Strong winds, severe rain, and heavy snowfall call for a vertical roof.

Due to the welded transition between the metal structure’s legs and the roof. For example, welded changes are more durable than bent ones. In addition, the vertical panels help to the overall strength of the top by providing additional support.

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